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Love the Thirsty Camel Cafe? Want to tell the world?
The Camel still has t-shirts available. These shirts are made in Canada of a bamboo/cotton blend. Three styles to choose from:

Love Food – $24
Power to the Pita – $20
No slogan w/ small Thirsty Camel logo on upper back – $20

There’s also stickers:
“Thirsty Camel Cafe: Participating in the community since 2004″

Stickers are available for $1, which is below production cost.

If you appreciate healthy food and local community activism, or maybe you just think the Thirsty Camel has the best falafel you’ve ever had, consider showing your support and spreading the good word by purchasing a t-shirt or sticker. We look forward to seeing you in the restaurant soon!

1 comment to Thirsty Camel Merch

  • Thank you Ilan for the Power to the Pita t-shirt. I will be wearing it with pride all down the coast to Southern California telling people about the fantastic falafels at The Thirsty Camel. You mentioned washing it as it was the display shirt hanging on the wall & might have a food smell to it… I think that’s a selling point. I want to eat the shirt. I won’t eat the shirt, but I want to. If people doubt my praise, I’ll get ‘em to take a whiff on the shirt. Match and point!
    As always, when I’m in Nanaimo, I’ll be eating a pita at the Camel.
    Thanks again.
    -Kreddible Trout

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