The Thirsty Camel Cafe

The Power to Choose

You have the power to choose, and share your views!

If you want to show the world you choose to support healthy eating and local businesses, come check out our new Thirsty Camel t-shirts! These shirts are 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, and are a thicker gauge than our previous t-shirts. Available in red (girl’s cut) or olive green, their front features a circular paisley swirl with a camel at its centre, and the back is emblazoned with the word Choose! These are $24. There are still a handful of the old Power to the Pita t-shirts available for $20.

As you know, we tend to be politically outspoken here at the Camel. If you are to, and you like bumper stickers, come check out what we’ve got in stock. They are: Coexist, I’m Already Against The Next War, and Celebrate Diversity.

And by the way, this glorious summer marks our 6th anniversary of serving up good food to beautiful people like you! We’re so happy to be here!

Red Girl's Cut T

Red Girl's Cut T

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