The Thirsty Camel Cafe

Power to the Pita!

We’re super excited to introduce to you the Pita Press! Here we’ll bring you regular news about what’s going on at the cafe, seasonal menu changes, plus any events we’re involved with or think you should know about. Basically, this is a platform to discuss anything we think is relevant to our customers, be it about our food, our customers themselves, the restaurant, Nanaimo or world falafel news.

So thanks for visiting, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Gluten Free Desserts!

Delicious treats for everyone, made right here in the restaurant!
The Thirsty Camel has always had plenty of meal options for those wanting to avoid gluten. Now we have gluten-free baking as well. Each day we will have at least one gluten free cookie, brownie or cupcake available. Enjoy some with a cup of coffee or tea, or as the finale to a wholesome meal.

Attention Foodies: New Hours

Falafel lovers take note of our new hours.
Mon to Wed we are open for lunch between 11am and 3pm. But Thursdays and Fridays we are here from 11 am-7pm so you can enjoy us for dinner. Saturdays we are open 11am-4pm.
As always, the restaurant is closed Sundays and holidays.

Toasted Hemp Seeds

The Thirsty Camel is now featuring Good Earth Hemp Seeds. Ask for salted, toasted hemp seeds on your salad! They are also available for take-home sale in 1 lb bags. Full of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fibre our bodies need, these seeds have a very appealing, toasted, nutty, lightly salted flavour. Definitely worth a try if you’ve never had them!

Save on Thirsty Merch

From now until Christmas 2010, Thirsty Camel t-shirts are on sale at 10% off for one shirt, 20% off for two or more shirts. We have olive green men’s style shirts and women’s tapered shirts in red, both featuring a camel within a paisley circle, and the word Choose! on the back. These shirts are light and soft, made from 70% bamboo fibre and 30% organic cotton. Regular price is $24.

And thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Barter Day on Buy Nothing Day, Nov. 26th! It’s always a treat to see what our customers come up with to trade for their lunch.

Local Food Specials!

At the Thirsty Camel we’ve always sought to use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. But with our specific menu, it isn’t easy to find what we need all year round. So like most locavores (people that eat local food) we’ve realized we need to use what’s in season!

We are pleased to offer daily specials that are designed to utilize local, in season produce. We can’t tell you for sure what will be available each day, but past specials have included Squash Babaganoush, Chanterelle Mushroom and Potato Soup, and Latke (potato fritter) with fresh tomato salsa.

Keep in mind, quantities are limited, so call come early or call ahead to find out what is available. And of course, everything on our usual menu is still available!

The Power to Choose

You have the power to choose, and share your views!

If you want to show the world you choose to support healthy eating and local businesses, come check out our new Thirsty Camel t-shirts! These shirts are 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, and are a thicker gauge than our previous t-shirts. Available in red (girl’s cut) or olive green, their front features a circular paisley swirl with a camel at its centre, and the back is emblazoned with the word Choose! These are $24. There are still a handful of the old Power to the Pita t-shirts available for $20.

As you know, we tend to be politically outspoken here at the Camel. If you are to, and you like bumper stickers, come check out what we’ve got in stock. They are: Coexist, I’m Already Against The Next War, and Celebrate Diversity.

And by the way, this glorious summer marks our 6th anniversary of serving up good food to beautiful people like you! We’re so happy to be here!

Red Girl's Cut T

Red Girl's Cut T

Thirsty Camel Merch

Love the Thirsty Camel Cafe? Want to tell the world?
The Camel still has t-shirts available. These shirts are made in Canada of a bamboo/cotton blend. Three styles to choose from:

Love Food – $24
Power to the Pita – $20
No slogan w/ small Thirsty Camel logo on upper back – $20

There’s also stickers:
“Thirsty Camel Cafe: Participating in the community since 2004″

Stickers are available for $1, which is below production cost.

If you appreciate healthy food and local community activism, or maybe you just think the Thirsty Camel has the best falafel you’ve ever had, consider showing your support and spreading the good word by purchasing a t-shirt or sticker. We look forward to seeing you in the restaurant soon!

Barter Day

A great big thank-you to everyone who came in for lunch on Friday November 27th. To celebrate Buy Nothing Day, The Thirsty Camel was only serving lunch to patrons on a barter basis, and not accepting money in payment for food at all.

Considering this radical means of exchange catches most customers by surprise, we gladly accepted IOUs throughout the afternoon. We look forward to receiving our trades from the people that came in for lunch that day. But there’s one important thing we want anyone who still owes us their barter to remember: it can be something you grew, made, canned, or created. It can be music you compile or play for us. It can be a poem. It can be an amazing book that’s been sitting on your shelf for a long time and that needs to be passed on. It can be anything you think is equal to the value of your lunch. But it can not be something you bought.

Our goal in accepting barter exchanges on Buy Nothing Day is to honour the idea of abstaining from using money for at least one day out of the year, and also to encourage you, our customers, to consider your consumption habits, your relationship to money, your relationship to work and capitalism in general. We hope we gave you something to think about! Thanks for participating!

Soup's On

Winter’s coming and we’ve put soup back on the menu.  Come on down for lunch or dinner and enjoy a healthy and delicious meal that’s made with love!

Organic Earth Bench

In early July we built a beautiful bench for the outdoor patio. This curvy comfy seat is a one-of-a-kind creation that looks a bit like a throne and is built entirely out of cob.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with cob, it’s a natural building material made of sand, clay and straw. The materials are mixed together, usually by foot, and hand-sculpted into the desired form—like a bench, an oven, or the walls of a house.


Mixing it up

The first step was to lay down the foundation. Wanting to use as much local material as possible, the boys of Island Earth Works went scouting for rocks in the downtown neighbourhood. Some excellent big rocks were found practically right across the street from the Camel, in a little wild space adjacent to Nanaimo city hall.

Rock Foundation

Once these were laid in place, the cob building began. With the help of many friends who wanted to kick off their shoes and get dirty, the cob bench came together in a single weekend.

Now finished with a fine coat of natural plaster and linseed oil, this unique and creative addition to the downtown environment is ready for action.

So come down and have a seat! We think you’ll agree we’ve got the funnest (most fun?) piece of furniture on the street.

sculpting the bench

Sculpting the bench