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Organic Earth Bench

In early July we built a beautiful bench for the outdoor patio. This curvy comfy seat is a one-of-a-kind creation that looks a bit like a throne and is built entirely out of cob.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with cob, it’s a natural building material made of sand, clay and straw. The materials are mixed together, usually by foot, and hand-sculpted into the desired form—like a bench, an oven, or the walls of a house.


Mixing it up

The first step was to lay down the foundation. Wanting to use as much local material as possible, the boys of Island Earth Works went scouting for rocks in the downtown neighbourhood. Some excellent big rocks were found practically right across the street from the Camel, in a little wild space adjacent to Nanaimo city hall.

Rock Foundation

Once these were laid in place, the cob building began. With the help of many friends who wanted to kick off their shoes and get dirty, the cob bench came together in a single weekend.

Now finished with a fine coat of natural plaster and linseed oil, this unique and creative addition to the downtown environment is ready for action.

So come down and have a seat! We think you’ll agree we’ve got the funnest (most fun?) piece of furniture on the street.

sculpting the bench

Sculpting the bench

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  • kim

    That bench is way cool!!!! I am so glad I read the story…wish I was there for the creation!! Your barter day story is way cool too!! I was just checking your hours…it’s sunday…I long for a big bowl of hummus…oh well thank goodness for the other day’s you are open :) Enjoy Empire Days….Thanx Kim :)

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